RED - High Quality Outdoor Furnishings
100% Made in Italy
Mugello Tuscany
Yachting Gala VIII - Azimut Benedetti - Portofino
Diamant Noir France
Narbonne - France
Portofino - Italy
Mondello Italy
Chianti Tuscany
Chianti Tuscan
Argentario Tuscany
Schladming Austria
Falkensteiner Lake Garda Resort - Italy
Danubio Cruise
Reno Cruise
Loira Cruise
Spree Cruise
Chianti Tuscany


RED is the brand that produces high quality outdoor furnishings.
It is founded by a company on the European market for more than 25 years, known for its collections for cruise ships, resorts, hotels, wellness centers, beaches.
Functionality, solidity and practicality, combined with the sophistication and elegance of hand-woven fabrics and leather, are the components of the new REGISTA and SOLARIUM Red collections